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Benefits you need to know about Carrefour's eSIM

Global Coverage

You can access to multiple networks in more than 100 countries.

No roaming charges

Avoid surprise charges from your original carrier, making it easier to control data usage costs.

Data Sharing

You can share data using your device hotspot with your friends & family and to any other device.

Customer Support

Personalized assistance at any moment and during your entire journey with us.

Cost Savings

Competitive rates compared to standard international roaming charges or purchasing local SIM cards in each country visited.

Flexible Data Plans

You can choose a plan that suits you best and always add data plans during your trip accordingly to your needs.

Still using your preferred App's

Enjoy Carrefour's data to keep using your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Bank, Maps, OTAs, etc.

Maintain your WhatsApp number

You can stay connected with your loved ones while we provide mobile data to your device.

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The eSIM is a revolutionary innovation in the connectivity market that eliminates the need for a physical chip. Forget about that tiny piece of plastic that has been bothering you since you bought your phone. Now, with an eSIM, which is virtually installed on your phone, you can get rid of that hassle and have everything ready to use wherever you are.

There are four essential requirements to install the eSIM on your phone.
  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet: without internet access you cannot install or activate the service.
  2. Have an eSIM compatible phone: your phone must support eSIM functionality.
  3. Have an unlocked phone: confirm that it is not locked to a specific mobile operator.
  4. Make sure mobile data is turned on: without mobile data activated, setup will not be possible.

The list is constantly expanding, as most new phones coming to the market have this technology. Here is a list of some of the currently compatible phones.

Assistance with your eSIM can be provided by our technical support team . You can contact the team through our Chat, email ( ), or Whatsapp (+351 925 203 031).

Yes. If your data has run out, you can access the website and in "My Area" click on your plan and recharge and proceed with the payment process.

To update your account information, first, in the top right corner of the website, click on "My Account". After that, select "Profile". Please note that you can only update your information if you are already logged into the application or the Portal.

You will receive your eSIM via email along with the installation and activation instructions, which are also available at this link. If you have any questions, please contact us via Chat, email ( ), or Whatsapp (+351 925 203 031).

The eSIM provides only internet data.Our eSIM does not provide voice calls or text messages.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase eSIM data packages for others through your account. Each purchased eSIM data package is associated with a specific eSIM card. When purchasing multiple packages, they will all be added to the same eSIM card. Since each eSIM card is exclusive to a device, it is not possible to buy eSIM data packages for other users as the eSIM card is tied to your device. If you wish to purchase eSIM data packages for different individuals, separate purchases using different accounts will be necessary to ensure that each person has their own eSIM card and can enjoy the benefits of the service. We appreciate your understanding and are available to clarify any further questions.

eSIM works if there is a mobile network where you are located. However, in most cases such as cruises, mountains, deserts, etc., where there is no mobile network coverage, you will not have connectivity on your phone. Any other location with mobile network coverage will provide you with connectivity and internet access.

Is my phone compatible with eSIM technology?

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